10 September 2012

Ocular Visit- Hotels in Manila

I had an ocular visit for our hotel preps. Most of our preferred hotels are along Roxas Boulevard for easy travel to the ceremony which is in Malate Church. We have to anticipate the traffic and all esp. in Manila. We also prefer a big room to accommodate our family and suppliers on the prep day.

Here are some of the hotels i got to visit on:

Traders Hotel

3001 Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila, Philippines 1305

Superior/ Deluxe Twn Room- 36 sqm (*photo credit: agoda.com)

Superior/ Deluxe King Room- 36 sqm.
(photo credit: tnetnoc.com)

Executive Suite Room- 76 sqm- bedroom(photo credit: tnetnoc.com)

Executive Suite Room- 76 sqm- Sala
(photo credit: hotelofworld.com)


Diamond Hotel

Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines
Formerly the Manila Diamond Hotel

Superior/ Deluxe King Room- 40 sqm.
(photo credit: tnetnoc.com)

Executive Suite- 88 sqm
(photo credit: agoda.com)

Pan Pacific Hotel

M. Adriatico corner General Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004

Superior Room- 33 sqm.
(photo credit: panpacific.com)

Deluxe King Room- 44 sqm
(photo credit: panpacific.com)

Pacific King Suite- 61 sqm.
(photo credit: panpacific.com)

Hyatt Hotel and Casino

1588 Pedro Gil Corner MH Del Pilar, Malate, Manila 1004

photo credit: booked.net
photo credit: booked.net

As of now, our choice is Diamond Hotel.

So how to do an ocular? 

1. You must have a preference (such as hotel, location etc)
2. Visit your preferred hotel/place for an ocular.
3. Proceed to the main lobby/ customer service booth
4. Inquire for the rate, availability, room size
5. Check the room.

Remember: It's FREE. You won't be paying for anything when doing an ocular not unless, you've already decided to book the hotel. Then you'll have to pay a certain amount for the reservation.

That's it! Hope this helps if you plan on doing an ocular soon.




  1. Hi, I would like to ask how did you do the ocular of those hotels? is it free of charge? Please do reply Thanks.. God bless to you both.. Best wishes.. :)

  2. Hi dear.

    So sorry for not making a quick respond on your queries. I just had a little time out on blogging and got focused on real-life priorities.

    but anyway, i would still answer it even if you may not need it anymore.. here's for future readers who might ask the same Q.

    How i did the oculars?

    I personally visited the hotel. Head straight to their reception lane and asked for their room rates. I told them my preferred room size and for what event i'm using it for (you may not mention it and it'll be fine) Next, i asked if i can do oculars on the rooms. Don't worry it's free of charge! But sometimes most of their rooms have already been booked and there may be no vacancy for the ocular. You can re-visit anytime for that.

    Hope this helps and Enjoy your ocular visits :)


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