07 September 2012

DIY: Wedding Cord

It's now 95 days left before our big day. I'm still recovering from being hospitalized a few days ago. While on rest, i got my hands working on our DIY project- our Wedding Cord. It's very light and so easy to do. No sweat, promise! hahaha I got it done in just a couple of minutes. I love the final outcome :)

Materials were bought from wellmanson at a very cheap price.

No tutorials for this one, sorry. But you can find good tutorials via web search engine.

I'll just share with you the final outcome of my "Bride's touch". Plain and simple.


A combination of our main motif, Pink and color accent, Aqua. I have included our initials too.

I have used my necklace's pendant for this cord. It looks cool, yes? It fits our fairytale theme. Love it.

Add a personal touch to your wedding. Unleash the creative side of you. It will not only save you money but you'll also realize how fun it is to do the things you love.You can do it. I know you can.

next diy mission: Fabric or Paper Flowers

Happy preps,


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