04 August 2012

130 Days To Go

I can't almost believe it. We're now 130 days away to our big day. Where have all the days gone? I don't know how to feel right now. Probably one thing i know for sure is that i'm not panicking...just yet! So far, we already got several accomplishments, mostly major ones. Thank God.

As for today, i had my first fitting with my gown. I got so excited only to see that there's nothing to expect yet. It still looks bare. I know i shouldn't expect more since it's only the first fitting. I don't mean to rush things out  Probably next time i'll be seeing some result already. I can hardly wait.

By the way, my designer just told me i lost weight. Honestly, i wasn't really eating much this days. I'm trying to be on a diet. Funny thing is loosing weight is just normal for me. I rarely gain weight all my life even during pregnancy and after giving birth with my two adorable kids. I'm not complaining. Actually i'm very thankful because others think i'm lucky. Now i have to make a promise that i'll need to maintain my current weight so as not to make several alterations coz it won't do any good to my gown. I'll try my best, i promise. Second fitting is scheduled by end of this month. Can't really wait :)

Sorry i can't post pics.. yet! maybe next time...


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