13 August 2012

120 Days To Go...

My gosh! 120 days to go before our wedding day. Where have all the days gone by? It seems that each day is eating too much time than it usually did. Now it gets more exciting. I just can't wait.

I'll also be sending out another Save the Date card for our guests;

So anyway, lemme review all the accomplishments we already had so far and hopefully i don't miss out on anything;

--- Ceremony Venue 
--- Reception Venue 
--- Caterer 
--- Cake 
--- Photo and Video 
--- Lights and Sound 
--- Bridal Gown 
--- Entourage gowns 
--- PS gifts 
--- Invitation 
--- Coordinator
--- Pre-nup pictorial 
--- Save the date video shoot 
--- Bridal and Entourage's flowers 
--- Mobile bar 

Soon to-be made...

-- groom's suit
-- father of the groom's suit
-- ring bearer suit
-- bride's brother's suit

Still on process...

-- wedding band
-- hair and make up artist
-- hotel prep
-- church requirements
-- bridal car
-- souvenirs
-- DIY and more diy's

We're almost there.. I can hardly wait. Oh God, thank you for all this accomplishments. I really wish i could be more creative and productive as the days go nearer to our big day.

Happy preps!


Save the Date Card Etiquette..

I chanced upon a website and have read this article. Found it very helpful that i decided to re-share it here at my blog. It's all about save the date cards and its etiquette

Enjoy reading.


Not sure when to send your save the date card? Wondering if you really need one? Don’t fret! Here are some helpful tips about save the date card etiquette.
  • Save the date cards are announcements viewed as a preliminary invitation to your wedding.
  • Save the date cards should be sent at least four to six months before your wedding day, and at least two months before your wedding invitations.
  • Save the date cards aren’t formal or even a necessity, so feel free to personalize them creatively!
  • They’re important primarily if many of your friends and family need to travel to your wedding, if your wedding date falls on or near a holiday or if your wedding location is seasonally busy or a popular vacation destination. Ideally, sending your save the date cards 9-12 months in advance is recommended if your wedding falls into any of these categories.
  • Save the date cards provide your guests with ample time to request days off from work, make travel arrangements and organize babysitters or house-sitters. With proper notice, your guests will be able to make your special day an extended special vacation. A thoughtful gesture is to provide guests with additional information to help facilitate their travel, like tips on local special events or points of interest and any group discounts available.
Your guests will appreciate the advance notice of a save the date card as well as cherish it as a unique keepsake of your unforgettable event.

Happy preps!


12 August 2012

DIY Save the Date

This is my second (attempt) of DIY save the date. The first one was good enough for a first try. Go ahead and take a peek. This one i like it better. Simple yet elegant-looking. Or so i say.

Now, could you please Save our Date?

You know how i excited i am. I just can't wait.


04 August 2012

130 Days To Go

I can't almost believe it. We're now 130 days away to our big day. Where have all the days gone? I don't know how to feel right now. Probably one thing i know for sure is that i'm not panicking...just yet! So far, we already got several accomplishments, mostly major ones. Thank God.

As for today, i had my first fitting with my gown. I got so excited only to see that there's nothing to expect yet. It still looks bare. I know i shouldn't expect more since it's only the first fitting. I don't mean to rush things out  Probably next time i'll be seeing some result already. I can hardly wait.

By the way, my designer just told me i lost weight. Honestly, i wasn't really eating much this days. I'm trying to be on a diet. Funny thing is loosing weight is just normal for me. I rarely gain weight all my life even during pregnancy and after giving birth with my two adorable kids. I'm not complaining. Actually i'm very thankful because others think i'm lucky. Now i have to make a promise that i'll need to maintain my current weight so as not to make several alterations coz it won't do any good to my gown. I'll try my best, i promise. Second fitting is scheduled by end of this month. Can't really wait :)

Sorry i can't post pics.. yet! maybe next time...

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