02 April 2012

Our Save the Date Video by Shutter Count

It was a nice sunny day! We're off to La Mesa Ecopark for our pre-nup video shoot by my couple friend, kumare and kumpare, Benj and Chelle of Shutter Count.  Benj was a hobbyist photographer. His passion, dedication and love for photography leads him to a professional career by building a photography business, together with his co-hobbyist Ed and his beautiful wife, Chelle. They makes a great team. They provide the best moments possible through their picturesque captures.

Here's to share with you one of their superb works, our Save the Date video,

It was a very pleasant offer and we are more than grateful to experience their firsthand videography services. We had a day of fun. Thank you so much Marse Chelle and Benj from the bottom of our hearts. It was a pleasure working with both of you. You already! haha Love, love love!


Shutter Count provides photo services for weddings, birthdays, debut, christenings and any corporate events.

You can check out and like their facebook page: Shutter Count

They got an affordable rate that will fit every budget without sacrificing the quality of the photos. I assure you, you will never go wrong with them.

much love,
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