30 March 2012

Oh My Gown :-)

grabbed from yahoo images
Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the most exciting phases in wedding planning. And believe it or not, the bride's wedding dress is also one of the most anticipated by guests so it's really important to choose a wedding gown we love. Ever since we planned about this wedding 2-3 years back, i've started digging on magazines and websites for gorgeous wedding gowns. The seemingly limitless options is very much overwhelming. I had a hard time choosing the right dress for me. I found them all, gorgeous!

With several choices on my list, i narrowed them down to few choices until i come up with my most loved wedding dress. What design or style do i have? Hmm.. well, that would remain a secret as for now. I want it to be as exciting as it should be. I want our guests (including our family and friends) to anticipate what would my wedding dress would look like. Isn't it more exciting and fun? One thing i assure you, my wedding dress is so ME; girly, sophisticated and fun-loving!

Promise, i'll share it with you once the wedding is over.. *giggles

So what do you think my wedding dress would be like?

Have fun guessing!


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