28 February 2012

Food tasting at Oceana- Done

We've scheduled an early food tasting at our reception while hubby's still here. As much as possible we want to accomplish together some of our to-do list before he goes onboard again. So there, we left home before noon, headed Oceana  for our food tasting. They've prepared a set of our chosen menu. Some still need to improve and some are perfect for our taste. Since our cake is also included in the package, we've discussed about the designs and colors. No confirmation yet, final design to follow.

dessert heaven :-)

Here's what i love the most- my fave- Cheesecake!

baked cherry cheesecake <3
Happy preps!


18 February 2012

Free Trial Makeup (Traditional)- Realm

Hubby and I attended the Weddings and Debut 2012 bridal fair at Megamall. Looking for a supplier within our budget and taste. One of our good find is Margarush which will soon be party crushing on our wedding day.

Some good things about attending a bridal fairs are; there's a free taste, free trial, big discounts and more freebies. I love. (Yey to all of this :) I already have a prospect make up artist who is a friend but unfortunately she's not at today's fair. So we went around the hair and make up booths  to look for some more prospects.. hehe  Until Realm got me interested of their promo. Since they offer free trial i gave it a go.

My first free trial traditional hair and make up with Realm.

doing my eyeshadow...
For the final result... taddaaaa!

with my artsy pose.. haha
with hubby :) (via camphone)
I love it. It looks natural and simple. But then again, i already have a prospect make up artist so i didn't book Realm. Thanks for the free trial anyway. I love the experience. I would love to recommend them to any brides out there. Their rates are very affordable and good service too.

You may check more of their work at their facebook page: Realm hmu

Happy preps!


Booked: Margarush

*grabbed from margarush fb*

Margarush is short for margarita crush. We first encounter them during the weddings and debut bridal fair at Megamall. They're the first to serve margarita crush in the country, as what they claim. Margarush is the sister company of Niceprint.

Hubby and I seldom drink alcoholic drinks but since we're looking for a mobile bar for our event, we think that this might be a good alternative. So after a free taste, hmm.. we love it! The taste of margarita was perfect. I love the classic lime as according to them was the best seller.

So without a further ado, we booked them instantly. Ms. Lizelle was very accommodating and ma"chika". I like her :) I can say, that it's important to have a first good impression with the supplier to have that "this is it" feeling. It's always nice to be at least have a good vibes with the supplier itself before booking their services.

Since we booked them at the fair , we got  a discount..yipee!

Here's the package inclusion:

Good for 150 pax, 2 flavors (there are 6 flavors to choose from) and 100 pcs customized cups with couple's name)

Hoping our guests will love this on our big day. Can't wait.


Like and check out their fb page: http://www.facebook.com/margarush
Contact nos. 3480118 
 Text 09228232068 / 09179091500

Happy preps!

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