10 September 2012

Ocular Visit- Hotels in Manila

I had an ocular visit for our hotel preps. Most of our preferred hotels are along Roxas Boulevard for easy travel to the ceremony which is in Malate Church. We have to anticipate the traffic and all esp. in Manila. We also prefer a big room to accommodate our family and suppliers on the prep day.

Here are some of the hotels i got to visit on:

Traders Hotel

3001 Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila, Philippines 1305

Superior/ Deluxe Twn Room- 36 sqm (*photo credit: agoda.com)

Superior/ Deluxe King Room- 36 sqm.
(photo credit: tnetnoc.com)

Executive Suite Room- 76 sqm- bedroom(photo credit: tnetnoc.com)

Executive Suite Room- 76 sqm- Sala
(photo credit: hotelofworld.com)


Diamond Hotel

Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines
Formerly the Manila Diamond Hotel

Superior/ Deluxe King Room- 40 sqm.
(photo credit: tnetnoc.com)

Executive Suite- 88 sqm
(photo credit: agoda.com)

Pan Pacific Hotel

M. Adriatico corner General Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004

Superior Room- 33 sqm.
(photo credit: panpacific.com)

Deluxe King Room- 44 sqm
(photo credit: panpacific.com)

Pacific King Suite- 61 sqm.
(photo credit: panpacific.com)

Hyatt Hotel and Casino

1588 Pedro Gil Corner MH Del Pilar, Malate, Manila 1004

photo credit: booked.net
photo credit: booked.net

As of now, our choice is Diamond Hotel.

So how to do an ocular? 

1. You must have a preference (such as hotel, location etc)
2. Visit your preferred hotel/place for an ocular.
3. Proceed to the main lobby/ customer service booth
4. Inquire for the rate, availability, room size
5. Check the room.

Remember: It's FREE. You won't be paying for anything when doing an ocular not unless, you've already decided to book the hotel. Then you'll have to pay a certain amount for the reservation.

That's it! Hope this helps if you plan on doing an ocular soon.



07 September 2012

DIY: Wedding Cord

It's now 95 days left before our big day. I'm still recovering from being hospitalized a few days ago. While on rest, i got my hands working on our DIY project- our Wedding Cord. It's very light and so easy to do. No sweat, promise! hahaha I got it done in just a couple of minutes. I love the final outcome :)

Materials were bought from wellmanson at a very cheap price.

No tutorials for this one, sorry. But you can find good tutorials via web search engine.

I'll just share with you the final outcome of my "Bride's touch". Plain and simple.


A combination of our main motif, Pink and color accent, Aqua. I have included our initials too.

I have used my necklace's pendant for this cord. It looks cool, yes? It fits our fairytale theme. Love it.

Add a personal touch to your wedding. Unleash the creative side of you. It will not only save you money but you'll also realize how fun it is to do the things you love.You can do it. I know you can.

next diy mission: Fabric or Paper Flowers

Happy preps,


02 September 2012

Let the countdown begin... 100 Days!

Heya there!

It's been a while. I don't have much to post so i don't drop by often. Plus no-internet-connection-at-home for a couple of months (and counting?) really does pisses me off. Oh well, i have already signed an application to one prospect internet provider here at our cluster and i just hope they'll install a lot quicker so i can chat with my hubby way better.

We've been to Cebu and Bohol last last weekend. When we got back here in Manila, after a day, sadly, i got sick! I had to rushed myself at PDH's ER for checkup due to high fever and debilitation. Was admitted due to platelet counts dropping. Which later on, have been diagnosed of Intestinal Flu (- is most commonly caused by viruses that march into our gastrointestinal tract, more specifically our intestines. These viruses disrupt the normal functions of our intestine to such a point that we experience nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, as well as general body weakness and sickness.- intestinalflu.net)  which symptoms according to my doctor are almost the same as when having dengue. But Thank God i felt better now and currently recovering. Thanks to my family and friend's prayers. For now, I have to gain my lost energy and weight since my second fitting will be this coming weekend (2 days from now). Hooray!

Let's skip to the main reason of this post. We're officially down to 100 days.. wooohooo! Oh-em-gee!

 So let the countdown begin. Ready?

Happy preps!


13 August 2012

120 Days To Go...

My gosh! 120 days to go before our wedding day. Where have all the days gone by? It seems that each day is eating too much time than it usually did. Now it gets more exciting. I just can't wait.

I'll also be sending out another Save the Date card for our guests;

So anyway, lemme review all the accomplishments we already had so far and hopefully i don't miss out on anything;

--- Ceremony Venue 
--- Reception Venue 
--- Caterer 
--- Cake 
--- Photo and Video 
--- Lights and Sound 
--- Bridal Gown 
--- Entourage gowns 
--- PS gifts 
--- Invitation 
--- Coordinator
--- Pre-nup pictorial 
--- Save the date video shoot 
--- Bridal and Entourage's flowers 
--- Mobile bar 

Soon to-be made...

-- groom's suit
-- father of the groom's suit
-- ring bearer suit
-- bride's brother's suit

Still on process...

-- wedding band
-- hair and make up artist
-- hotel prep
-- church requirements
-- bridal car
-- souvenirs
-- DIY and more diy's

We're almost there.. I can hardly wait. Oh God, thank you for all this accomplishments. I really wish i could be more creative and productive as the days go nearer to our big day.

Happy preps!


Save the Date Card Etiquette..

I chanced upon a website and have read this article. Found it very helpful that i decided to re-share it here at my blog. It's all about save the date cards and its etiquette

Enjoy reading.


Not sure when to send your save the date card? Wondering if you really need one? Don’t fret! Here are some helpful tips about save the date card etiquette.
  • Save the date cards are announcements viewed as a preliminary invitation to your wedding.
  • Save the date cards should be sent at least four to six months before your wedding day, and at least two months before your wedding invitations.
  • Save the date cards aren’t formal or even a necessity, so feel free to personalize them creatively!
  • They’re important primarily if many of your friends and family need to travel to your wedding, if your wedding date falls on or near a holiday or if your wedding location is seasonally busy or a popular vacation destination. Ideally, sending your save the date cards 9-12 months in advance is recommended if your wedding falls into any of these categories.
  • Save the date cards provide your guests with ample time to request days off from work, make travel arrangements and organize babysitters or house-sitters. With proper notice, your guests will be able to make your special day an extended special vacation. A thoughtful gesture is to provide guests with additional information to help facilitate their travel, like tips on local special events or points of interest and any group discounts available.
Your guests will appreciate the advance notice of a save the date card as well as cherish it as a unique keepsake of your unforgettable event.

Happy preps!


12 August 2012

DIY Save the Date

This is my second (attempt) of DIY save the date. The first one was good enough for a first try. Go ahead and take a peek. This one i like it better. Simple yet elegant-looking. Or so i say.

Now, could you please Save our Date?

You know how i excited i am. I just can't wait.


04 August 2012

130 Days To Go

I can't almost believe it. We're now 130 days away to our big day. Where have all the days gone? I don't know how to feel right now. Probably one thing i know for sure is that i'm not panicking...just yet! So far, we already got several accomplishments, mostly major ones. Thank God.

As for today, i had my first fitting with my gown. I got so excited only to see that there's nothing to expect yet. It still looks bare. I know i shouldn't expect more since it's only the first fitting. I don't mean to rush things out  Probably next time i'll be seeing some result already. I can hardly wait.

By the way, my designer just told me i lost weight. Honestly, i wasn't really eating much this days. I'm trying to be on a diet. Funny thing is loosing weight is just normal for me. I rarely gain weight all my life even during pregnancy and after giving birth with my two adorable kids. I'm not complaining. Actually i'm very thankful because others think i'm lucky. Now i have to make a promise that i'll need to maintain my current weight so as not to make several alterations coz it won't do any good to my gown. I'll try my best, i promise. Second fitting is scheduled by end of this month. Can't really wait :)

Sorry i can't post pics.. yet! maybe next time...


25 July 2012

The Fernbrook Gardens Bridal and Debut Fairs

click image to enlarge
You can pre-register at their website: http://www.fernbrookgardens.com
or send your complete name, address and contact number to fernbrook.everafter@gmail.com

02 April 2012

Our Save the Date Video by Shutter Count

It was a nice sunny day! We're off to La Mesa Ecopark for our pre-nup video shoot by my couple friend, kumare and kumpare, Benj and Chelle of Shutter Count.  Benj was a hobbyist photographer. His passion, dedication and love for photography leads him to a professional career by building a photography business, together with his co-hobbyist Ed and his beautiful wife, Chelle. They makes a great team. They provide the best moments possible through their picturesque captures.

Here's to share with you one of their superb works, our Save the Date video,

It was a very pleasant offer and we are more than grateful to experience their firsthand videography services. We had a day of fun. Thank you so much Marse Chelle and Benj from the bottom of our hearts. It was a pleasure working with both of you. You already! haha Love, love love!


Shutter Count provides photo services for weddings, birthdays, debut, christenings and any corporate events.

You can check out and like their facebook page: Shutter Count

They got an affordable rate that will fit every budget without sacrificing the quality of the photos. I assure you, you will never go wrong with them.

much love,

30 March 2012

Oh My Gown :-)

grabbed from yahoo images
Choosing the right wedding dress is one of the most exciting phases in wedding planning. And believe it or not, the bride's wedding dress is also one of the most anticipated by guests so it's really important to choose a wedding gown we love. Ever since we planned about this wedding 2-3 years back, i've started digging on magazines and websites for gorgeous wedding gowns. The seemingly limitless options is very much overwhelming. I had a hard time choosing the right dress for me. I found them all, gorgeous!

With several choices on my list, i narrowed them down to few choices until i come up with my most loved wedding dress. What design or style do i have? Hmm.. well, that would remain a secret as for now. I want it to be as exciting as it should be. I want our guests (including our family and friends) to anticipate what would my wedding dress would look like. Isn't it more exciting and fun? One thing i assure you, my wedding dress is so ME; girly, sophisticated and fun-loving!

Promise, i'll share it with you once the wedding is over.. *giggles

So what do you think my wedding dress would be like?

Have fun guessing!


28 March 2012

Early Prenup Shoot

Date: March 28, 2012
Venue: La Mesa, Ecopark
Photographer: Nice Print Photography
Hair and Make-up: By ME

I know we had it much earlier than expected. (Big day is Dec). Well, if you haven't known yet, hubby works abroad and he only had a few months vacation then will be off to work again. So unfortunately we don't have much time if we plan to have it later on. So this is the perfect time, not to mention, hubby's scheduled flight will only be a few days away :(

So there, we packed our bags with all our stuffs (outfits, shoes, makeups, accessories etc) then headed to Eco Park in Fairview, Quezon City. Hubby and I were a newcomer. We never been to ecopark before. Heard that it's a great place for family picnic, well it really is. Giant and old trees were abundantly over the place where it feels so refreshing and truly one with nature.

The shoot itself was exhausting since we're exposed in a broad daylight yet it really is a FUN experience. We seems like true models in the act with several observers on the verge.. hehe It took us 8hrs for the shoot. We had so much fun shooting that we kept the time unnoticed and its even nicer that our photographer didn't mind about the time either :)

That same day, Niceprint gave as a cd of the raw pictures. I was so happy that i can't wait to see the result of our today's shoot. Yipeee!

Because of my happiness, i would like to share with you a glimpse of our prenup shoot.


 What do you think??

Here's what you need to bring for the shoot:
- Outfits (costumes)
- Extra footwear
- Accessories/ Props
- Hand towels (to wipe away those sweats)
- Extra clothes
- Water (and more water)
- Make-up kit (in case you don't have an hmua for that day)
- Extra money (for entrance fees and food)
- Bring-in foods or baon (para mas makatipid kesa bumili pa sa labas)

** Ecopark entrance fee: 40/head, 20/head (if quezon city resident)

Happy preps!


18 March 2012

17 March 2012

Booked: Chocolate Confections for PS Gifts

We no longer have to think of anything goods to give to our principal sponsors. We've found Chocolate confections at the bridal fair.. It's composed of imported wines with belgian chocolates. 

You may check out their facebook page: Chocolate Confections

Happy preps!


14 March 2012

Free Trial (Airbrush) Makeup- Joan Uy-Dacio

I chanced upon a  friend's make-up booth at the fair at SMX last march- Joan Uy-Dacio. I haven't booked an hmua yet because I want her to do my make up on my wedding day. I already told her about it and she agreed. She even gave me a friendly discount :=)

with sis Joan :)
By the way, i tried her airbrush makeup for free at her booth.

It's my first time to have tried airbrush makeup. And i think i love it. It feels so light and natural :)

with hubby :)

Happy preps!


12 March 2012

Booked: Photo and Video

Finally! We now have our Photo and Video supplier. Booked them at the recent bridal fair that we've attended. Among all the P/V suppliers and booths at the fair, Macromedia Photography got me interested. Aside from their affordable rates, they got lots of freebies :) Upon browsing their sample albums, we've noticed that they got a nice work. I have a good feeling that they'll make our wedding pictures beautiful. Lei is so nice and accommodating. So then and there, we made our reservation to blocked the date.We availed of their promo rates with free SDE's, prenup and so much more :)

Happiness! One major supplier down.

You can check out their works HERE.

Disclamer: The site is outdated but as you may see, they got nice works.

You may also check them in facebook: Lei of Macromedia Photography

I like their shots and hoping that they'll exceed my expectations on our wedding day.

Happy preps!


10 March 2012

Wedding Expo 20th Edition Experience

An hour later after our flight from Bicol we headed straight to SMX to attend the Wedding Expo 20th Edition. It's the biggest and prestigious wedding fair of the year presented by Themes and Motifs. I got to meet my fellow BBB's (GT 2012 b2b) just before heading the entrance of the expo itself.

(from L-R; Di, Lennie's h2b, Lennie, Jam's h2b, Jam and moi :)

Here's what we have accomplished at this fair:

We've booked Macromedia Photography as our P/V supplier :)

I had an Airbrush trial makeup with friend Joan Uy-Dacio for Free

Booked Chocolate Confections for PS gifts

Happiness! Finally we've booked another major suppliers.

Happy preps!


01 March 2012

On Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most exciting phases of wedding planning. Every soon-to-be bride is excited thinking about finding the right wedding dress, where to shop or who's designer to get.  Here is some of the information that will help you find the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

When to Start

Get started as early as you can so that you can devote ample time for the fittings. Wedding dresses are usually custom made and hence, need several alterations before it fits perfectly. Though some may prefer ready-to-wear, off- the-rack, or hand-me-down wedding dresses. In case you have less time for custom made, opt for something simple.

First Step

- Think about your style and imagine how your wedding dress would be like. Write down few adjectives that best describes how you want to look. Ex. vintage, sophisticated, sexy, royal, elegant etc.

- Determine which design element will complement your body. Specify what you absolutely do not want in your wedding dress. Ex. ball gown silhouette or beading.

- Set your budget and stick to it. A general guideline is to alot 10% of your overall wedding budget.

Choose the time of day and formality of your wedding. Keep in mind your theme (if you have) and the season.

Next Step

- Scout for a wedding gown designer or couturier. Call and make appointments. Take note about the prices and wedding dress descriptions.

- Book your gown designer/ couturier. Ensure that you sign the contract and got the receipt for payments.

- Have your designer take your body measurements. Bust, waist, hips, length. Decide if you want a long train or veil.

Here Comes the Fittings

- Schedule for first fitting along with a sharp-eyed and honest friend.

- You need to bring the shoes that you are going to wear or with a similar heel height you plan to wear on your wedding day. See if you can walk or move comfortably.

- Schedule more fittings until the wedding dress is a perfect fit.

- Remind your designer about the date of delivery.


- Try to maintain your weight as possible. Better yet, forget about the diet, wear that dress, girl.. don't let the  dress wear you!

Happy preps!

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