30 December 2011

DIY: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Hey, I'm back! It's been a while since my last update here. I've been busy with lots of things. You know it's holiday season. But before this year ends, i would like to share my DIY: WYB favors for my lovely girls, my bridesmaids. This is a delayed post since this was supposed to be posted many weeks ago. Pardon!

Asking my girl friends to be my bridesmaid is an easy thing to do. But i thought of something which can somewhat makes them feel special :) Maybe just a simple favor would make them say "Yes" without any hesitation..*grin.

Here's my simple WYB idea:

First: I have bought  keychains with their initials on it. I got six of it for my 6 bridesmaid-to be's.

Second: I bought mini boxes. Since they come in 3's, i didn't get to choose colors because there are already multiple color boxes in a pack. Which goes fine with me.

Here are the complete stuffs for my DIY:
Keychains, mini boxes, crepe paper, scissor, stapler, ribbon, WYB notes

I grabbed some wyb message at the internet. Combined it into a simple poem. Have it printed. And here's what i've come up.

I wrapped the keychain with a crepe paper then wrapped it around the wyb printed note...

So here's the final outcome... tadaaaannnnnn....

Affordable, Simple and Cute.. 

Very easy thing to do...

You can try it too.

*** I already have distributed these favors  to my girl friends and they already said "Yes!". And i guess they liked it :)

Happy preps!

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