23 September 2011

Our Wedding Caricature

I've been looking for a professional caricature artist to do our wedding caricature. I've found Jo Acierto, recommended by most co-w@wies. He makes digital caricature. I've checked his portfolio and liked his works. Pretty cool and really nice.

But as i do some canvassing, i passed by this small booth of paintings, Rotech  at Greenbelt 1. We were there every Sunday to hear mass. Then i inquired regarding caricatures. And the lady attendant told me they do make caricatures. Right away, i hand her over our pictures as a canvass. Lead time is 3 days. Got mine on our next visit to Greenbelt chapel. Got a free upgrade to 12x18 from 8x10 (this am not sure, i forgot the original size the attendant had told me)

 So here it is.. Tadaaannnn.... Our Wedding Caricature!

I didn't like it at first. You may won't notice it but i just edited the eyes. Now it looks just fine.

Having a wedding caricature has many use especially for wedding preps. You can use it for invitations, save the date, rsvp, will you be cards, place cards, table numbers, wedding favor labels, thank you cards etc.

Here's one of my DIY project using the caricature. I plan to use it as our invitation cover.

I made it using Photoshop. From plain white background, I've used our wedding church as the background. I've also changed the red car into a royal carriage. Lastly, I've put our names and wedding date on top. Voila!

Other info:

Jo Acierto
Email: jophaiz@yahoo.com
Cell no.: 09178211178
Website: jophaiz@multiply.com
Peso power:  1500 (1 person), 2,000 (2-3 persons)

Greenbelt 1, beside escalator and infront of Tokyo Tokyo
Peso power: 1,000 (couple or 2 persons)


  1. sis, did you scan the caricature? or they gave you a soft copy?

  2. nope sis, pinichuran ko lang..hehehe d kc kasya s scanner namin.


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