26 September 2011

DIY: Water Bottle Label

Our wedding church is a regular venue without aircondition. Though, we expect that December will be a bit cold, i still consider that our wedding day may be an ordinary sunny day, so i'm thinking of having some refreshment at the ceremony- free bottled Water! With this in mind, i just created a personalized water bottle label. As you know i love DIY stuffs, i wish to discover the creative side of me (sana nga meron..hehe) and to make sure that my wedding will be more special because of my "labor of love" (relating to DIY)

Using a template i designed these on my own. With different styles and background. Feel free to comment for your personal choice. I'm having a hard time choosing my own. Love them all. (syempre love your own..hehe)

Here it is:

You too, can make your own personalized label. Click HERE to download the template.

Happy Preps!




  1. sissy, san ka mag pa print? parang bet ko rin! :) btw, i love nung design! ;)

  2. di ko p nga alam sis.. hehe magcanvass p ulit ako san ok magpaprint.. Gow, gawa n rin.. dali!.. hehe

  3. sis, pag DIY printing, try mo sa contact paper. pag yung actual material ng bottled water labels gusto mo, may quote ako galing sa isang GTalker, inform me lang if you want a copy :)

  4. ^ san location nila sis? pede pahingi din ng copy nung quote sayo? Many thanks ha. mwah.mwah

  5. ^wow.. thank u so much sis. have read your reply na rin sa w@w. big help talaga. thanksy much. mwah :)

  6. ^you're welcome. oh, di ba, lahat na... sa w@w, sa GT, sa FB, hehe. happy preps! :D


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