18 August 2011

Inspiration: Pink Bridal Shoes

What gets me more excited with the wedding preps? It is choosing fashion my way. Such as choosing my own wedding gown, accessories, styles, and even bridal shoes. And speaking of a bridal shoes, i don't wanna go with the traditional white ones i want a platform pump( preferably peep toe) in PINK. I'm a sucker for high heels and wedges :) All because I'm petite that's why i love to wear something that will boost me some height especially when i'm with hubby. If only i could wear 10" stilleto on my wedding day (to make me look really tall) i would..haha Hmm..why not? lol

So far, here are some inpirations i got, for you to have an idea what my wedding shoes may probably look like. These shoes makes me drooool. Love to have 'em all..  haha
^ 001

^ 002

 ^ 003

^  004
^  005
^  006
^  007

^  008
^  009
^  010

^  011

^  012

^  013

^  014

^  015
How about you what will your bridal shoes look like? Do you prefer high heels (like mine), wedge, short heels or  flats? Whatever it may be, as long as you're comfortable with it, then go girl. That's all that matter.

Happy Preps!


  1. As much as I love pink i like the silve rone as well..would love to have one for my sister's wedding *wink*
    Hope you could visit my page too! happy weekend!

  2. Wow, they're lovely.. but don't know how to walk with them on...:) was here for PF see you back. @ http://inthissideoftown.blogspot.com/2011/08/stuffed-animals-on-davao-streets.html

  3. i don't really buy pink stuff for myself, but these pumps will surely make me change my mind, they're fabulous!

  4. OMG, i love the number 008 sis!!!

  5. these shoes are sooooooo hot!

    visting from PF.. and here's my entry for today..


  6. Love the pumps! I love the 2nd one best :) I know it will be rare for me to wear them but I would definitely want that for my collection :)

  7. omg! those shoes are so gorgeous!

  8. thanks for sharing
    Here's my PF entry

  9. wow! nice good looking pink shoes, wish I know how to walk with high heel shoes, visiting from PF, hope you can visit my entries here


  10. Awesome shoes !!! Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us. Pink is the most favorite color of girls :)

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