29 July 2011

Booked: Reception- Oceana Events Place

We've been to a wedding once at Oceana Events Place. And ever since, we liked it there. Hubby and I wanted and have decided on Oceana to hold our wedding reception. We just started with our wedding preps, specifically 18 mos. away to the big event itself. So basically, we need to book for our venue (church and reception) as early as now considered that we have picked a very nice date which probably would be an in demand wedding date. It is just so fortunate, that after inquiring to OEP, our "date" is still available. How lucky do we get! So after a brief discussion with hubby over the internet, we have settled for the reservation the very next day. This is it.

Meks (Meka Acoirez), OEP's account executive is very accomodating and really nice to talk to. We even had a real chitchat that we almost forgot signing in the reservation form :)

Oceana is indeed a very elegant and exquisite events place situated nearby One Esplanade and Mall of Asia. They offers a variety of  events packages to suit your special occasion. They are also the first restaurant-school of the country’s top culinary school, the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), Manila.

This is the main reason why Malate Church came in mind, because it's accessible to Oceana well, not to mention that our chosen churches weren't available any longer. This church was a good choice anyway.

Its modern and streamlined interiors give everyone a perfect ambiance and great scenery of the bay. The events place captures life's celebration at it's finest. Which will surely leave an admirable impression to their every guests. 

What i most admire about this place is the modern and elegant set up. I love the bubble chandeliers.

Rolled into one. Oceana is a restaurant, culinary school and an events place. That's just great!

So there. Officially, we've closed the deal with Oceana. Here's the evidence:

 We got their wedding package which is good for 150 pax.

Use of Venue for 4 hours 
One Day Event Management Services 
Four Layer Fondant Cake 
One round of Iced Tea or Soft drinks 
Standard Individual Table Centerpieces 
Personalized Menu Card 
Couple’s Table Arrangement 
Presidential Table Arrangement with Personalized Place Cards 
Table Set up with Overlays and hampton Chairs 
Guest Book and Signature Frame 
One bottle champagne for Toasting 
Basic sound system 
Waived corkage for 5 regular sized wine bottles 
Gift for couple
 Good deal ain't it?

Thank God for this lucky day.  We're so happy. This is really it. Moving on with the preps :)


  1. My bff supposed to book her wedding there but got disappointed for so many reasons.
    With the washroom. It smells bad, has a hint of a septic tank. The mirror was old and stained, too. Found out that it's a public toilet for SM customers.
    They were asked to pay a NONREFUNDABLE downpayt of 50%.
    The place offers a minimalist theme in their package that my bff would need to hire decorators to upgrade the look.
    The floor is not carpeted. Imagine how noisy it would be when someone walks in high heels.
    Lastly, even when you paid 50% of the package almost a year before the wedding, food tasting will be done 2-3mos before the event.
    Since it would cost her to almost 200k if she'll book here, she switched to sofitel instead.

  2. Hi, we're also having our wedding reception at Oceana. What were your arrangements with Meka regarding the restrooms? They indeed smell bad and have really stained mirrors. Even the restroom in the restaurant was filty. I've been telling my coordinator to deal with it. Noticed several busted lights as well on the ceiling. I really hope they fix a lot of things before December. Cheers to us!


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