08 July 2011

The Big Date

It's official! You'll be hearing our Wedding Bells soon.

Originally, we'd plan it couple of years back. But due to lack of preparation (and dedication) it didn't pushed through. So how did we came up with the decision?  Well it just popped-up! Without any proper proposal (though i'd wish of a romantic night-out,fall on his knees with a box of ring, popped-up a "will you marry me" question while fireworks on the background) Alright, now I'm dreaming.

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 7th year civil wedding anniversary on April 12, 2012. so hubby suggested to hold our church wedding same date as our civil wedding date so we'll have a similar anniversary. Makes sense, right!

But me thinks, why not hold it on 12-12-12? It's a special date. Very extraordinary.

12-8-12 was also added to the list since Dec 8, is my birthday so it'll be a double celebration if ever!

Now i'm getting confused. I'm totally leaning towards the dates 12-8-12 and 12-12-12. But what im sure is that this two are both lucky dates :)

However, it will  still depend on what date is available from the church, will update this again after confirming on our final church venue.

This is really exciting. I'm so happy. Can't wait.

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