22 July 2011

Wedding Motif: Pink+Aqua

I've found the perfect palette! Yooohoo! After weeks of contemplating, i've decided for the perfect ones. This two colors will be our main motif.  An eye-popping combo.Vibrant, pretty and simply gorgeous. My all-time fave color Pink because it brings out the girly side of me. It has an instant connection to the idea of romance, beauty and all things pretty! It's the universal color of Love. Aqua, for an ocean-inspired blue and a resemblance of the clear sky at daytime. 

Fun. Elegant. Perfection! :)

As for the overall ambiance, i'll have these colors below for more vibrant look at our reception. Cool. Pretty. and colorful.  Im getting more excited for the final outcome. Weee :) 

more pink entries at:


  1. Wow! When's the big day!? :)

    Visiting though PF! :) Hope you can visit mine at: Pink Fridays: Thank You Sis Jes

  2. It'll be on Dec. next year :)

    thanks for dropping by sis.

  3. wow, i love your motifs. it'll surely be a lovely and lively wedding will all these bright and lively colors

    a visit through pF

  4. wow nice selection..best wishes for the next year wed
    dropping for PF


  5. Enjoy the wedding preparation sis....I never had a chance to do it myself kasi teenage marriage kami...

    And Oh BTW, you are a WoWoes pala, the owner John and Benz are a good friend of mine...classmate ko si John from Kinder to HS hehehhehe

    It is my first time to join PF and happy to be Entry No. 1. Hope you can visit me too sis...

  6. Awww! Gorgeous color! I'm sure it will be a beautiful wedding! ;)

    My Pinks:
    Triz's Pink Guitar
    Sakura, from Japan
    Thanks and hope to see you! ;-)

  7. Wow! Lovely motif sis Gracey. I'm sure you will look so beautiful on your special day. Late visit from PF.
    Here's mine.

  8. beautiful colors...na-excite naman ako sa magiging output when all those mentioned colors are present, ang ganda-ganda siguro! i bet your wedding day will be a great one! enjoy the prep, all the best! :) visiting late from PF, have a great week. :)

  9. again goodluck...
    love your motiff..excited!
    Late visting from Pink Friday.. hope you could visit mine


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