27 July 2011

Booked: Our Lady of Remedies Parish

We finally made our first move with our wedding preps. And talking about first things first, we're now booked for our Church venue. We'll soon be walking down the aisle of Our Lady of Remedies Parish in Malate, Manila.

Malate Church (Our Lady of Remedies Parish)

 ^ Church's interior

 ^ Altar

        ^ the upper level can be a P/V spot to take the overhead shot 
of the bride while walking down the aisle

If you have noticed, Malate church is not included in our choices of church venue. However, due to unfortunate circumstances our 'date' is no longer available on those churches that are on our list. Given that it's not a typical date (as a matter of fact) it's indeed phenomenal, that's why even if it's still a year and a half (almost) away

I inquired with this churches with our preferred wedding date:

Santuario de San Antonio- Fully booked

Shrine of St. Therese (across Naia terminal 3)- No more slots for afternoon. Available: 9AM and 10AM

Shrine of Jesus (Moa)- No more slots for afternoon. Available: 10:30AM

Obviously, we didn't get the slot for morning ceremony. For the mere reason that we want it in the afternoon in order to catch sunset. (for great photo ops of course. Spell: photo addict.. hehe) Plus, we want to be more prepared before the ceremony. Less cramming, less stress. Bride-chilla.

So why Malate church?

We've been eyeing Oceana Events Place for our reception. So we opted for a church (may not probably be nearby) but at least nearer to it. Thank God, our preferred date and time are still available at Malate Church. Good thing also, they accept pencil booking. The next day, i promptly made a reservation. I paid 50% of the full cost. Will pay for the balance upon submission of the church requirements (3mos before the wedding day)

Here's the O.R:

So  there, this is gonna be it. We can now move on to the next prep level.

Our Big day will surely eventuate. We're so happy. Thanks God :)


  1. Okay jan mars.. yan ang isa sa may longest aisle.. so mahaba ang moment mo hahaha pti pala kmi mkkilakad hayyzz pano na ang 8 inches ko hahaha

  2. Hindi lang sa labas maganda tingnan ang simbahan pati din sa loob. Ang sarap siguro sa pakiramdam ang ikasal dito. :)

    Ang Our Lady of Remedies ay isa rin sa pinakamatandang simbahan sa Manila.


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