29 July 2011

Booked: Reception- Oceana Events Place

We've been to a wedding once at Oceana Events Place. And ever since, we liked it there. Hubby and I wanted and have decided on Oceana to hold our wedding reception. We just started with our wedding preps, specifically 18 mos. away to the big event itself. So basically, we need to book for our venue (church and reception) as early as now considered that we have picked a very nice date which probably would be an in demand wedding date. It is just so fortunate, that after inquiring to OEP, our "date" is still available. How lucky do we get! So after a brief discussion with hubby over the internet, we have settled for the reservation the very next day. This is it.

Meks (Meka Acoirez), OEP's account executive is very accomodating and really nice to talk to. We even had a real chitchat that we almost forgot signing in the reservation form :)

Oceana is indeed a very elegant and exquisite events place situated nearby One Esplanade and Mall of Asia. They offers a variety of  events packages to suit your special occasion. They are also the first restaurant-school of the country’s top culinary school, the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), Manila.

This is the main reason why Malate Church came in mind, because it's accessible to Oceana well, not to mention that our chosen churches weren't available any longer. This church was a good choice anyway.

Its modern and streamlined interiors give everyone a perfect ambiance and great scenery of the bay. The events place captures life's celebration at it's finest. Which will surely leave an admirable impression to their every guests. 

What i most admire about this place is the modern and elegant set up. I love the bubble chandeliers.

Rolled into one. Oceana is a restaurant, culinary school and an events place. That's just great!

So there. Officially, we've closed the deal with Oceana. Here's the evidence:

 We got their wedding package which is good for 150 pax.

Use of Venue for 4 hours 
One Day Event Management Services 
Four Layer Fondant Cake 
One round of Iced Tea or Soft drinks 
Standard Individual Table Centerpieces 
Personalized Menu Card 
Couple’s Table Arrangement 
Presidential Table Arrangement with Personalized Place Cards 
Table Set up with Overlays and hampton Chairs 
Guest Book and Signature Frame 
One bottle champagne for Toasting 
Basic sound system 
Waived corkage for 5 regular sized wine bottles 
Gift for couple
 Good deal ain't it?

Thank God for this lucky day.  We're so happy. This is really it. Moving on with the preps :)

28 July 2011

Church Wedding Requirements

NOTE: Other Churches/Parishes may require some other documents and/or seminars not specified below. To be sure, inquire at the parish office of the church you wish to be married in.

1. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates: These relates to both the bride’s and the groom’s. These must be new copies and must have an annotation: “FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY” and must have been secured not more than three (3) months before the date of marriage.
FOR MIXED MARRIAGE (different religions or Disparitas Cultas): a dispensation must be secured from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Arzobispado de Manila, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila (near Manila Cathedral). The forms will be provided at the Parish Office which will be released after the canonical interview with the Parish Priest or his assistant. These have to be submitted one week before the wedding.

2. Marriage License: This can be secured from the city or municipality hall where either the bride or the groom currently resides.

For those who are civilly married, a certified true photocopy of the Marriage Contract with the registry number of the city or town where the marriage was performed must be submitted one week before the wedding date.

3. Canonical Interview: This interview with the bride and the groom will be done one month before the wedding date and will be conducted by the parish priest or his assistant. The schedule of the interview will be given upon the signing of the application form. Failure to report on the interview date or failure to notify the office of any change in the schedule will mean cancellation of the application and reservation of the church for the upcoming wedding.

4. Pre-Marriage Seminar: Both the bride and the groom have to attend this. The schedule for the seminar will be given during the canonical interview or you may inquire at the parish office. Some churches may allow attendance in other pre-wedding seminars such as the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) or Discovery Weekend (DW) as a suitable substitute (if you have already attended either one of these, inquire at the parish office if they recognize either CEE or DW in lieu of their Pre-Marriage Seminar.)

5. Permission from bride’s parish: a permit from the parish of the bride-to-be must be secured and presented to the parish office of the couple’s chosen ceremony venue. The form will be provided by the parish office of your chosen church.

6. Marriage Banns: These will be provided during the canonical interview and have to be immediately brought to the respective parishes of the bride and the groom for posting. These have to be returned to the office after three Sundays. (Note: the respective parishes may ask some requirements for the posting of the banns [i.e. a ID picture from the bride and the groom])

7. List of names and addresses of principal sponsors (Ninongs & Ninangs): This has to be submitted to the parish office one week before the wedding date. Church policy requires at least a pair of sponsors and, ideally, a maximum of six sponsors.

Additional Requirements for Specific Cases

For widows or widowers: A copy of the death certificate of the former spouse must be presented to the parish office.

For Renewal of Vows: remember to bring a copy of the Catholic Marriage Contract.

(credit: w@w)

27 July 2011

Booked: Our Lady of Remedies Parish

We finally made our first move with our wedding preps. And talking about first things first, we're now booked for our Church venue. We'll soon be walking down the aisle of Our Lady of Remedies Parish in Malate, Manila.

Malate Church (Our Lady of Remedies Parish)

 ^ Church's interior

 ^ Altar

        ^ the upper level can be a P/V spot to take the overhead shot 
of the bride while walking down the aisle

If you have noticed, Malate church is not included in our choices of church venue. However, due to unfortunate circumstances our 'date' is no longer available on those churches that are on our list. Given that it's not a typical date (as a matter of fact) it's indeed phenomenal, that's why even if it's still a year and a half (almost) away

I inquired with this churches with our preferred wedding date:

Santuario de San Antonio- Fully booked

Shrine of St. Therese (across Naia terminal 3)- No more slots for afternoon. Available: 9AM and 10AM

Shrine of Jesus (Moa)- No more slots for afternoon. Available: 10:30AM

Obviously, we didn't get the slot for morning ceremony. For the mere reason that we want it in the afternoon in order to catch sunset. (for great photo ops of course. Spell: photo addict.. hehe) Plus, we want to be more prepared before the ceremony. Less cramming, less stress. Bride-chilla.

So why Malate church?

We've been eyeing Oceana Events Place for our reception. So we opted for a church (may not probably be nearby) but at least nearer to it. Thank God, our preferred date and time are still available at Malate Church. Good thing also, they accept pencil booking. The next day, i promptly made a reservation. I paid 50% of the full cost. Will pay for the balance upon submission of the church requirements (3mos before the wedding day)

Here's the O.R:

So  there, this is gonna be it. We can now move on to the next prep level.

Our Big day will surely eventuate. We're so happy. Thanks God :)

23 July 2011

Inspiration 101: Bridesmaid Dresses

Since hubby is away (read: long distance relationship or LDR), we're discussing some little details about our wedding over the internet. So whatever plans i've come up, i'm posting it here so he can see what i'm talking about.

Here's what i really have in mind for our bridesmaid dresses. Sort of like this or probably very similar to this. Still have to coordinate with the final colors. Isn't that look gorgeous? We're planning to getting 6 bridesmaids.

Or maybe this one... simple yet elegant..

Will update this once i've come up with other designs or style :)

22 July 2011

Wedding Motif: Pink+Aqua

I've found the perfect palette! Yooohoo! After weeks of contemplating, i've decided for the perfect ones. This two colors will be our main motif.  An eye-popping combo.Vibrant, pretty and simply gorgeous. My all-time fave color Pink because it brings out the girly side of me. It has an instant connection to the idea of romance, beauty and all things pretty! It's the universal color of Love. Aqua, for an ocean-inspired blue and a resemblance of the clear sky at daytime. 

Fun. Elegant. Perfection! :)

As for the overall ambiance, i'll have these colors below for more vibrant look at our reception. Cool. Pretty. and colorful.  Im getting more excited for the final outcome. Weee :) 

more pink entries at:

21 July 2011

Ideas 101: Wedding Church

We've been planning for our church wedding for months already but we don't come up with anything yet. So after hubby and i discussed about our wedding date, budget and some related stuffs, we decided to 'officially' start the prep by choosing on which church we want to hold the wedding ceremony. then will reserve or probably confirm at once

Our prime choice of Church:

Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish

This is our first and primary choice. The location is posh and not to mention the airconditioned-interior with long aisle.. I always wanted to walk down on a carpeted and long aisle..Well you know, to maximize my "bridal" moment. It's my Big day anyway so i think its just fair if i make the most of my special day.

Both of our kids were Christened here. And i really hope we'll be wed here as well. I inquired already and will be setting the payment next month and will also confirm right away to be more sure. We only have a limited budget that's why a venue nearby (Makati or Manila) which is accessible would be sufficient. If only we had more budget, we'll  hold it in boracay.... hmm,why not?                    

Rates: Php25,000
Reservation fee: Php5000 then will need to confirm after a month of reservation.


Sanctuario de San Antonio
Address: McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City, 1220
Phone: +63 2 843 8830 / +63 2 843 8831 / +63 2 843 8833

Just in case, our planned date is no longer available (knock on wood) at Sanctuario, we do have some options;

St. John Bosco Parish

Address: , A. Arnaiz Ave. cor. Amorsolo St., , Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines,
Telephone No: (632) 894-5932 to 34
Fax No: (632) 815-2844
Email: sjb@pacific.net.ph
Shrine of Jesus

Address: Pope John Paul II Youth Center, , Central Business Park, Reclamation Area, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.(across SMX)
Telephone No: (632) 515-1274
Mobile No: (63918) 910-4245
Fax No: (632) 515-1274

 Shrine of St. Therese
This is the nearest classy church from our place. It is located across Naia terminal 3. When i first saw this place i instantly fell in love with it. I want to be get wed here. The church's interiors were magnificent. And it has a long aisle leading to the altar. I think its also airconditioned. Unfortunately, when i went there to inquire, the parish's office were closed and according to the guard, they're hosting an event for priests from different places. So i guess i should get back next week or will call them first. We heard the rates here is Php 40, 000. Gosh! Now i'm holding back my dreams of getting be wed here, practicality just come in mind. I don't want to overspend on church alone. It's really not practical for me. But if we don't have any other choices, then i guess we'll just see.

Rates: Php 40,000
Address: , , Villamor Air Base, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines,
Telephone No: (632) 853-5080

20 July 2011

Pink+ Aqua + Yellow

 Here's another set of color palette i made according to my liking. I love this set. Eye-popping combination. Bright and beautiful. Pink will always be my favorite. It's the color of universal love. Aqua is short for aquamarine. It resembles the color of the water in the ocean or the clear sky at daytime. While Yellow, obviously is sunshine. One of the warm colors that is cheerful and suggests freshness or fruitiness.

Perfect for a summer weddings. But i guess this is perfect for all wedding seasons. In case you plan a garden or beach wedding this too is perfect for it adds vibrant to an outdoor venue. These are lovely colors, aren't they?


09 July 2011

Neon Color Palette

Mainly, this is my customized color palette. I love it. It's more of bright or neon colors. Originally, it's one of my choices since i'm stepping out of the traditional wedding colors. Offbeat. Colorful. Cool and Fun. Perfect for any season most especially for summer. So if you think you're an offbeat bride like me, pick this color palette to incorporate with your wedding ideas. 

So far, i've got several pretty colors from my palette to choose from so am still undecided which one to pick but eventually i'm gonna choose what's best suit me and hubby's personality. I'll keep you posted.. 

What do you think of these colors?


08 July 2011

Weddings & Beyond Mid-Year Wedding Expo

The Wedding & Debut Expo
August 6-7, 2011
10:00 am to 8:00 pm
NBC Tent, The Fort
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
The Grandest Mid-Year Wedding Fair of 2011
Lots of exciting prizes will be given away!!!
Pre-register online for FREE Admission
For Inquiries:
Weddings & Beyond
Telephone: (632) 404-4606
Mobile: (63916) 381-7458
Website: www.wedingsnbeyond.com

Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2012

We're still undecided on which wedding date we would pick. Upon doing some research on the net i stumbled upon this Auspicious Date for Weddings in 2012. I didn't find our preferred dates auspicious. But still it doesn't changes anything on our plan.

So if you too are currently planning your wedding, take a peek on this one. Maybe it can help you in a way.

Here it is. Choose your lucky date.
Click image to enlarge

The Big Date

It's official! You'll be hearing our Wedding Bells soon.

Originally, we'd plan it couple of years back. But due to lack of preparation (and dedication) it didn't pushed through. So how did we came up with the decision?  Well it just popped-up! Without any proper proposal (though i'd wish of a romantic night-out,fall on his knees with a box of ring, popped-up a "will you marry me" question while fireworks on the background) Alright, now I'm dreaming.

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 7th year civil wedding anniversary on April 12, 2012. so hubby suggested to hold our church wedding same date as our civil wedding date so we'll have a similar anniversary. Makes sense, right!

But me thinks, why not hold it on 12-12-12? It's a special date. Very extraordinary.

12-8-12 was also added to the list since Dec 8, is my birthday so it'll be a double celebration if ever!

Now i'm getting confused. I'm totally leaning towards the dates 12-8-12 and 12-12-12. But what im sure is that this two are both lucky dates :)

However, it will  still depend on what date is available from the church, will update this again after confirming on our final church venue.

This is really exciting. I'm so happy. Can't wait.
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